Uproar at pumwani hospital as maternity workers locked up a woman giving birth at the facility

Uproar as Pumwani Maternity workers lockout woman giving birth from facility .

In the video shared on Twitter by a user identified as Syombua Kibue on Friday, September 18, the newborn could be seen lying on the ground while exposed to the environment “While Senate and Governors are busy fighting, women who expect services from hospitals like Pumwani are being turned away,” wrote Syombua.

“This is not acceptable. Not in 2020 Imagine when citizens have to fight to get services at a government hospital,” she added.

Efforts to samaritans get the hospital management to help the women were futile as the hospital did not immediately respond to their calls.

To draw the attention of the hospital staff, people who had surrounded the woman who was still on the ground started screaming and shouting for the baby to be rescued but it was in vain.

To save the baby, women gathering around the new mom covered it with lesos to protect it from the scorching sun. Internet users called on leaders who demanded respect for mothers when the founding First lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta was attacked to use the same energy to fight for the new mom.

“It is so sickening to imagine this is Kenya, 2020,” wrote Odhiambo Wambura.

“To imagine Kenyans support every other initiative, even by the First Lady, to better the health care system, more so for our mothers, is so disappointing. Such a joke of a government,” he added.


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