A young girl fearlessly shared a video telling her mom she is tired of doing house chores

A video has emerged on social media in which a young girl could be seen arguing with her mother over house chores.

The girl expressed her dissatisfaction over the house chores her mother left for her. She asked why her mother does nothing in the chores and leaves everything for her.

She said she lays bed, cleans and arranges the house and told her mother to learn how to do these chores.

She told her mum not to kill her with house chores, adding that because she gave birth to her does not mean she should do nothing in the house.

The girl told her mum to give birth to another child, adding that she would stop doing house chores in the house.


She said because her mother gave birth to her does not mean the latter would do nothing in the house.

Click the link below to watch the video


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