Kenyan Rapper Rajville seems to have moved on with life after Ngina kinyatta hit

Kenyan rapper Rajville caught the attention of Kenyans in 2019 after he openly declared his intentions to marry the first daughter Ngina Kenyatta. That now seems to be a thing of the past as he is now a family man, he is in a relationship and recently welcomed a baby girl.

Asked on why he moved on yet he was so keen on ‘keeping’ Ngina to herself Raj says, ‘ningegoja ajibu after one year? I now have a 70 days old daughter and I thank god for how things have been so far.’Ifikie Ngina Kenyatta: rapper raj plans to take Uhuru’s daughter to Kisii in 2019 raj had produced a song dubbed ‘Ngina bae’ contacted by a local media on why he chose Ngina and not any other gal he responded, she is beautiful. she is a woman and I am a man.


She looks very intelligent and eloquent and I am attracted to that type of woman. It’s like I have a crush on her because I have been having this idea for a while. I pray that my love letter reaches her. As they say, out of sight out of mind, seems like corona got Raj thinking of how hard it would be for Uhuru to respond to his letter considering ako busy. Raj has been keeping himself busy producing new music and taking care of his young family and below is his latest jam.


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