Kanye west pretends to be jesus by walking on water during sunday service

Kanye West has been pictured to have walked on water during his weekly service event. This is coming after the rapper turned gospel singer and he has totally given his life to Christ.

Since he converted, he has been all over social media to make people follow his ways. According to him, he was trying to copy Jesus who walked on water during one of his miracles in the Bible .

The father-of-four was seen approaching his choir, places a glass platform beneath a pond and walked into the middle of the pond as he surrounded by his four kids.

With his kids on both sides, Kanye walked on a platform hidden beneath a pond to make it look like he was walking the body of water, just as Jesus did.

He was seen dressed really simple with his children, all were mono-coloured clothes that were loose -fitting.

Kanye’s choir was also seen performing in the middle of the pond and the members too entered the stage in the same fashion.


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