Dedan kimathi’s daughter wanjugu kimathi arrested and detained at rumuruti police station

The daughter of the late freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi has been arrested.


Wanjugu Kimathi was arrested by police in Thome area as she was surveying a piece of land that The Dedan Kimathi Foundation was planning to purchase for Mau Mau veterans.


She was then taken to Rumuruti police station where she is currently detained.


Taking to social media, Wanjugu revealed of her arrest adding that she is fearing for her life.


“True to their word, I have been arrested. Now locked up at Rumuruti police station. Tell my mother that if by tomorrow I will not be alive, I have been killed at Rumuruti,” she cautioned.


Wanjugu’s daughter, Mukami Kimathi said that the police did not explain why they were arresting her.


“We just saw a contingent of police officers who demanded that she gets into their vehicle. Up to now, she is still being locked up at the station,” Mukami told The Standard.


Wanjugu has always been in the front line fighting for Mau Mau veterans who were landless for 60 years.

About three days ago, Wanjugu questioned the government concerning settling the Mau Mau veterans.

Why doesn’t the government settle just a few veterans and their descendants? Am just a vessel and a pace setter. I do not want anything else after this exercise. Instead of fighting me and telling me that am parading fake Mau Mau and alleging that all Mau Mau are dead, why not join me or take from where I have reached? The more you fight me the more I get the zeal to finish this task and so may God help me?,” she posed.


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