Frankie tells why he didn’t inform Maureen waititu that he was in a relationship affair with corazon kwamboka.

Renowned fitness instructor Frank Kiarie, better known as Frankie Just Gym It, has finally explained why he did not inform Maureen Waititu, the mother of his two children, that he was in a relationship with Corazon Kwamboka.

In a previous interview with True Love magazine, Maureen stated that she had been in the dark about the affair and only came to learn about it after photos of the two – Frankie and Corazon – surfaced on social media.


Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni on Tuesday, September 1, Frankie explained that he could not tell the mother of his children that he had found someone else and because they were going through a difficult time.


He went on to add that he had spoken to Maureen two days before word went round that Corazon was pregnant with his child but he kept her in the dark about the relationship.

“Obviously, we had not spoken well when the story emerged. The whole time we were speaking, I kept looking at her and wondering how to break this news to her.

“I decided not to tell her because it would have another case. In a perfect world you would want to be honest but at the end of the day, you just can’t. No matter how easy you think it would be,” Frankie stated.

He further explained that he felt the need to protect Maureen because other than the fact that they had a relationship for about four years, she is also the mother of his children


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