Timmy Tdat And Brownmauzo Caught Misbehaving With Vixens (Watch video)

Rapper Timmy tdat And Brown mauzo have recently dropped a new hit song tittled ‘Wote Wazuri’.

In the song Some very raunchy short clip featuring Timmy T Dat trying some X-rated move on a bikini-clad lady, was seen.

Talking to Brown mauzo he said that, there were a lot of scandals during the shoot.

Vituko sana bro,” He said.

Well Brown mauzo who has more than confirmed a relationship with Amber Ray added to say.

“I asked for a few vixens to come shoot a video with me, but a whole bus appeared. It was the most difficult shoot I’ve ever been to.”

According to Mauzo, who is currently in Mombasa with Amber, it was hard to control the shoot, especially the pool scenes, with some vixens turning up with their own photographers at a Nairobi location. Of course, more than meets the eye took place.

“What happened there, stayed there, but it was too hectic. We even had to select just a few for the indoor scenes. Wengine bado wametukasirikia!”

Now a clip has been surfacing online showing Timmy Tdat and Brown Mauzo going all nasty to the video vixens. Netizens have gone on to bash on the girls for allowing the artists to use the like tissue papers.

It is seen in one of the videos, Timmy Tdat can be seen comfortably rubbing one of the video vixens private parts.


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