There is this clout chaser girl ‘Iam Shakilla’ who claims she is kidnapped (Watch)

This girl is a real clout chaser, we cannot even know when she is serious or lying!!

I gues you must have heard about Shakilla again and again. She was just weeks ago complaining that willy paul wanted goodies from her which yes it is true and then she denied.

I mean like, Shakilla is used to hanging around with this celebs na watu wako na pesa. She even had claimed Otile brown wanted her of which Otile denied the allegations.

Well now, Shakilla went on to post on her insta story that saying,

am not ok where i am, am not safe

Later on through her live video, Shakilla, Says that the guy harassing him has done everything for her in previous days they have been in the Diani. she goes on to add that the guy is now forcing her to have sex with him.

Shakilla talking in a dark area claims that the kidnapper have locked her inside a car.  I know you also wondering why she is in a live video while kidnapped.

Well through Edgar Obare’s story Shakilla’s friend claims that it true and that  Shakilla tried even to call 999. She managed to talk with a 999 agent but her location was not yet tracked.

Well the big question remains is this still one of her clout chasing games or it true.

We will keep informing you




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