Mercy And Betty Kyallo are Finally In A Reunion {Photos}

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How Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo beef started

Mercy and Betty Kyallo have been beefing for about months now.  Before all this beef the girls were happy suportive and had this tight instaromance. The two would tag and mention each other on their social media and wow that a nice and lovely relationship.

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Remember the time Mercy Kyallo went as far as defending her sister Betty when Ken Mijungu blasted Betty of not acknowledging Dennis Okari’s role when their child was sick. They had this tight thing togethere wueh.

mercy and betty kyaloo

Things then went wrong after some days past they stopped tagging and even mentioning each other on their social media accounts. The beef went on upto a point where Mercy Kyallo didn’t attend Ivanna’s (Bettys Child) birthday nor did she attend the Grand Launch of the New Flair by Betty Kyallo.

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Now this brought up a stir and mixed reactions on the internet because its not normal  for Betty not to feature her sister Mercy on the wall of photos at Flair.Mercy on the other hand didn’t congratulate Betty for the New flair nor did she promote Betty’s new salon.

Ending the Beef

In a recent live video by  uploaded by betty kyallo, she was asked by her fans if they are beefing but She mentioned that she had a rough patch with her sister but they were able to iron out their differences.

Me and Mercy we are okay, we had a small rough patch, but you know it happens every time…But let me tell you something guys, you always have this situation with your siblings. It’s Normal there is nothing weird about it. You kosana with your mum, you kosana with your Dad, and if you gonna say no you are lying to me. Because its not possible to live a life where you are just perfectly happy, with the people who are in your life, but now were are cool with Mercy. The next episode if she is not busy she will be here… She is a very good host and the place where she stays is very beautiful.” Betty Kyallo said

Betty went on to say on an interview with Masawe Japani that brotherhood is complicated and brothers and sisters often have disagreements.

“Ukweli ni najua tuko na mashabaki wengi Kenya hii na unapata mashabiki wanatuandikia hata DM wanatuambia msikosane but nilisema ntasema tu kidogo. Maneno ya undugu ni nyingi sana na sisi wote tuko na ndugu, n ahata marafiki wanajua tu wapendanao ni wao wakosanao pia. Ni maneno ya undugu,” she said.

She further added that she is very proud of her sister’s current achievement even if people may not see it.

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“I am so happy for my sister hata yeye mwenyewe anajua mahali ako, I’m so happy and hata nyumbani we are so happy for one another and all our wins na huwa sisi wote tunasupportiana all through… Ukiangalia familia kutoka nje na ukiangalia kutoka ndani, ni vitu tofauti kabisa. Familia kutoka ndani watu wako na wewe kila siku support si ile siku ya mwisho… support comes in so many ways,” she added

mercy and betty kyallo


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